Farmtable Kitchen at Locale Market impressive in both fare and decor

I went for a business lunch recently and my  associate  suggested Farmtable Kitchen at Locale Market. I had heard about the market but I must have been sleeping under a rock for two years,  because I didn’t know about Farmtable Kitchen.

The concept was started by well-known and award-winning chef Michael Mina, who also owns Boca KitchenBar Market.

“This new American restaurant featuring farm-to-table cuisine that focuses on fresh, seasonal, regionally sourced and house-made products,” according to Tampa Metro Magazine.

Here’s more information from the Tampa Bay Times about other locations.

I loved the space, which was airy and open and dotted with fresh flowers and vintage decorative accents.  The farm tables remind most people of the country, but to me they reminded me of a restaurant in Nice, France, which I enjoyed so much I went several times during my short trip to the town.

I would have loved to have tried the lobster roll, shrimp or crab, but unfortunately I’m allergic to shellfish.  I didn’t feel like I missed out, because my  grouper  was fresh and tender. I like that you can chose your protein and your vegetable side. I chose the avocado, and was very impressed with the taste and the amount. Being from Miami where avocados are abundant, I feel I’m somewhat of an avocado snob.

It is definitely a restaurant where you can enjoy and relax and really enjoy your time there.

Who else wants to go with me?

A welcome entrance.
Details matter.


Looking through the glass into the private dining area..




An expansive bar which serves craft cocktails.



A view toward the back of the restaurant.
More details – milk bottles serve water.
Vintage touches
We enjoyed our table, which was set off to the side, private and quiet.
Vintage and modern items give interesting focus.


Silverware waiting to be served.
Lovely fresh flowers.
My grouper, which was amazingly fresh, along with salad of avocado, greens, tomatoes, onions and mint.
Lobster roll and fries.
Grouper sandwich and salad.
Farm fresh table.