Hyatt Sarasota provides sunny and tropical December getaway

Living in Florida means we get to enjoy hotels and venues like the Sarasota Hyatt. It also means we get to enjoy them in the middle of December for a quick vacation.

Situated in the middle of town close to the marina, the hotel is easy to get to and check in to. The lobby was decked to the hill in hot pink and lime green — eeeh!! I just loved it.

The pool area is an oasis, and although there are high towers on two sides, the palm trees are lush, full and the focal point of the area.

The staff at the pool bar were most friendly, and they offer a large Hurricane Category 5 cocktail that is very good and lives up to it’s name. We had burgers here too and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The hot tub next to a large rock structure and waterfall really helped us to get away from it all.







Having a quiet breakfast inside, we overlooked the sunny pool patio. The linens were just beautiful, made by French company Garnier-Thierbaut. I tried to buy some, but they apologized and said they weren’t for sale. Luckily, I was able to find the linen company online easily.

I’m looking forward to returning to this hotel and enjoying a sunny getaway.