Crystal, silver and natural elements make for winter wonderland dinner party

My friend wanted a winter white inspired party. No color, no  traditional red and green and no Santas.

He had mostly white serving dishes already, so I brought in my crystal, silver and gold candle holders and white candles.

I gathered branches in a nearby park and then painted them silver.


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Taps in International Plaza serves variety of delicious meals, cocktails

Tonight they spoiled us like crazy at Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge International Plaza & Baystreet  🐙🐓🐠

Normally I might not visit a restaurant like Taps, thinking it might be more of a beer bar than a restaurant. But when we were treated to several items from the menu thanks to Tampa Bay Bloggers relationship with the restaurant PR person, I was very pleasantly surprised.

One after another, they served  roasted pomegranate salmon, brick chicken, filet mignon brochette, tuna crudo, Irish short rib potato nachos and char-grilled octopus! That was when I realized they were not messing around!

What a menu! 🐙🐓🐠

 Irish short rib potato nachos

And to my delight, they also served a variety of amazing and refreshing cocktails, taking away my fear that it was “just a beer bar.”

As many entrees as we were served, there were so many more that that sounded tempting. I will definitely be back to try more!