Special tablescapes for a special charity luncheon

Plate Girl created 6 special tablescapes at the Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospital North Pinellas Guild luncheon and fashion show.

The special tables were created for sponsored guests to show extra thanks for their support.

Above, purple Spode dishes are used with purple and yellow toile tablecloth from Williams-Sonoma. Flowers are purple iris and yellow sunflowers. Six small rabbits from House of Hatten surround the flowers.

This one is called April in Paris, and features lilac Faience dishes Continue reading “Special tablescapes for a special charity luncheon”

My kitchen is filled with florals!

This is the day before the luncheon and fashion show: I just made a trip to Trader Joe’s in St. Petersburg, FL, where I purchased at least 20 bouquets of flowers!

What fun!

The best is that the purple irises were only 3.99!

Of course the roses were more, and it all adds up; but still! very good prices and I’m so happy with the selection they have. It’s difficult to find some of these varieties in Florida, especial mid and south Florida.

So today they are in buckets all over my kitchen, as well as my sink and my counter, and I’m loving it!

These roses will pair with these Czechoslavkian dishes.  These iris and sunflowers will partner with my lavender Spode dishes.

Purple and yellow makes Easter table memories

I just love the combination of purple and yellow for Easter. It seems I used to wear the combination a lot as a child in the 60s, and for some reason it always it just brings me back to my childhood.

This is one of my favorite combinations for a tablescape, and one that always gets great comments from friends and followers, and received the most compliments at the luncheon at the Safety Harbor Spa.

The combination of the purple Spode, matched with the toile of the Williams-Sonoma tablecloth – I think they are just made for each other!

I added small rabbits from House of Hatten to surround the florals, which are irises and sunflowers.

Have you made a tablescape in purple and yellow?