April Cornell tablecloth a welcome addition to Holiday table

Have you ever seen something – say, on social media – and you knew you had to have it? That’s how I felt when I saw this April Cornell holly tablecloth on the feed of Instagram user The Tablescaper, who has been one of my favorites for years.

I have several holiday tablecloths, and two or three Lenox tablecloths that match my Lenox Holiday pattern, but this one took my breath away.

However, it happened to be Christmas day that I saw it, so I wasn’t sure what kind of luck I would have. The Christmas supply would probably be already sold out, and anything worthwhile would probably have been picked over already.

Since my local HomeGoods often has April Cornell, I took off in the morning as soon as they opened.  It wasn’t Really early. It was probably about 10:30 and I just wasn’t going to get my hopes up.

But I am a bargain shopper too, and I sometimes have a way of sniffing these deals out. So I headed in.

I searched the Christmas aisles, the holiday aisles, the clearance aisles. There were some nice things still there, but no April Cornell.

I wandered the aisles looking under other tablecloths, picking through items that had been tossed aside and into the wrong category.

Disheartened,  hearing my cousin’s voice in my head: “You’ll never find it!” I headed to the front of the store toward the exit.

I noticed some holiday candles and pot-pouri and other castoffs on the white shelves near the check out.

Looking, looking, looking.

And there it was. ONE lone tablecloth, still in the plastic, still in tact. April Cornell. Holly pattern.

And of course it was 50 percent off the day after Christmas.

OMG! Well all I could say was thank you Home Goods and thank you to the God of Christmas!

I grabbed that baby so fast and brought it home to where it was meant to be.

It’s the day after Christmas so I just set it up to get a glimpse of how it will look.

Next year it will be my tablecloth for the holiday table! And it couldn’t be more perfect.