A lovely floral find on a summer day

Sometimes you just walk right into something.

A job, friendship, love.

And sometimes it’s serendipity with a china pattern.

It can happen!

Some of us love china. So some of us feel it is serendipidus when we happen onto a beautiful pattern.

Today I found Minton Bone China in the Haddon Hall pattern. Based on a lovely town in England, the floral pattern is encircled in green, and holds up today just as well as when it was introduced to the market in 1948. It was made in both green and gold trim, and I was glad to find it in the green trim, with makes it more suited for a spring and summer table.









Three were 25 dinner plates, salad plates and cups and saucers.They were stacked haphazardly in the china cabinet, which I promptly rearranged (not pictured.)

I probably should have only purchased four place settings, but there was something so sweetly captivating about this pattern, and it Was Minton Bone China, that I had to buy 10 place settings.

I’m sure it will be a good investment and serve many summer dinners.