A winning post from Lenox Butterfly Meadows


I have always loved Lenox. Ever since I flipped through the pages of Seventeen magazine, when I was 15. I can distinctly remember the photo of the teddy bear with the silver spoon.

Lenox Holiday was my first grown up pattern in my 20s, after I was married. For 30 years I’ve collected it and made many family memories around the table with it.

So when I stumbled over the Lenox giveaway contest on Instagram in March, of course I tagged and posted my Lenox tablescape.

Unbelievably, I won the contest!


You would have thought it was the second coming in my house.

I waited anxiously, wondering if this could really be true.

Lenox staff sent me emails that yes, my shipment was on its way.

It arrived in a huge brown box, which revealed four smaller beautifully branded boxes inside, imprinted with my beautiful aqua blue Lenox Butterfly Garden.

It was better than Christmas.

This couldn’t be happening to me! But it was.

I gently washed them, set out the tablecloth I had chosen, and set my four place settings.

Here they are.

I plan to use them in so many different ways throughout the spring and summer and look forward to all the possibilities!
Thank you Lenox! I still, Love Lenox.