About Plate Girl


I’m Plate Girl, or Marsha, and not a girl, but a full grown woman who has been collecting dishes – yes, dishes – since I was little. My grandmother was a newspaper food editor, my mother was a teacher and later an antiques dealer. I am guilty of reading Southern Living magazine … just to Look at the PLATES the food was served on.

I have more dishes than I need, and I promise I have given plates and sets of dishes to many, many people over the years. I believe setting a festive table makes the meal better and the day or night more memorable.

I live in Tampa Bay where I set my table (and the tables of as many others who let me), as well as visit restaurants, hotels and beaches where I admire and photograph all things I think are pretty.

I have my degree in journalism from the University of Miami and have worked in public relations for more than 20 years.

To contact me about about a blogging relationship, please email me at marshastrickhouser@gmail.com.