Try these Bloody Mary garnishes straight from The Ranch


It can get pretty busy where I live in Tampa Bay.  Pinellas County – a  peninsula off the west central coast of Florida – can get jammed packed, especially once the kids go back to school, and even more so in the fall when the Snowbirds/winter visitors come back.

But about 10 miles to our north you can still find open land, ranches, and even one or two alpaca farms.

Our friend Tom has a nice little ranch up there. He’s extremely hospitable and opens his home at least once a month for Sunday brunches.

It’s always refreshing to leave traffic behind and  head over to The Ranch. Tom always has a huge table filled with food, a kitchen bar filled with champagne, Bloody Marys and other cocktails.

This tray isn’t an appetizer tray – it’s garnishes for Bloody Marys!

Bloody Mary Garnishes 

1 cup cooked shrimp
10 slices honey bacon
1 cup Italian sausage
1 half cup sweet mini pickles
1 cup churizzo sausage
1 cup cut celery hearts
20 green pimento olives


His pool is a great place to enjoy the Florida sun and unwind, watch the horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks.

It’s nothing too fancy, but that’s why it’s so fun!