Basking in the glow of Tampa’s iconic Donatello Italian Restaurant

We had a super delicious night at Donatello Italian Restaurant in Tampa with the Tampa Bay Bloggers.

Due to my relationship with Tampa Bay Bloggers, I received dinner and drinks from Donatello. However, all opinions here are my own.

Some of the Tampa Bay Bloggers at Donatello in Tampa.

I had never been to Donatello before but now I am a convert.  It was absolute perfection in food, atmosphere and service.

The grand thing about going with the TBBloggers, or a large family, is having the opportunity to try many dishes, and not just yours and your date.

Seriously, from the beginning bread with tomatoes, I was ready to just say – I’m just eating this all night. It’s that good.

Thank goodness I didn’t because it was some of the best pasta I’ve ever eaten. I usually make it my policy to not order something that I can make at home – such as angel hair pasta. I mean, who can’t make angel hair pasta and sauce. BUT – not many can make it like Donatello. I would order it over and over here. We also had several other pastas to try, and they were all better than the next.

The oysters were amazing, and we were treated to escargot as well, which was heavenly.

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I don’t know a woman would wouldn’t love the soft lighting, peachy pink linens and pink roses on every table.
Looking into the dining room.
The dessert table.
Bloggers – we always have to take photos of the food before we eat it!


The owner makes sure every lady young or old receives a rose as they leave the restaurant.
The ceiling tiles were painted by the senior owner’s wife.
A beautiful sight.
Some of the Tampa Bay Bloggers.


These were simply amazing!!