Behind the scenes at HSN reveals chandeliers, great deal on china

When I had the opportunity to visit HSN to hear a panel discussion about  entrepreneurship with the The Centre for Women,  I jumped on it.

It was fun seeing the studio behind the scenes and some of their props – which included MANY chandeliers! As many of you know, QVC recently acquired HSN, and they will join forces soon. I can’t tell you how many purchases my mom and I made from QVC – many things from Fenton, Waterford, Boyd’s Bears, Peterboro Baskets. (Not to mention my mom’s love of Joan Rivers jewelry!)


Afterward the very special panel, we had the chance to shop in their special store, with 50% off.

Can you guess what I found? There was ONE  16-piece set of Johnson Brothers “His Majesty.” I have been looking for more of these dishes for the past two years, after finding a couple locally.

It was $48 but 50% off so only $24 for the set.  I was a happy camper!!

The set they made for the Centre for Women program.

I also found two oval vegetable bowls for $6 each.