Blue and yellow florals set the tone for joyful breakfast

Recently I had the opportunity to make the centerpieces for the Susie Steiner Community Impact Award event  with Hillsborough Community College  which was held at the George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa  on a beautiful September morning.

HCC’s colors are blue and gold so these hydrangeas and sunflowers fit the bill, especially against the backdrop of the blue tablecloths at the Events pavilion for the NY Yankees.

Guest speaker Richard Gonzmart is owner of Columbia Restaurant Group, a local landmark in seven Florida cities from St. Augustine to Sarasota, and Ulele, a newer restaurant which is a stellar favorite of all who visit.

As an added bonus, the Yankees were practicing on the field just outside during the luncheon. It was a great morning and I was honored to be a part of it.

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Yellow and blue florals set off summer green tablescape

I’ve been searching Pinterest for blue and yellow floral arrangements to find some pretty versions for an upcoming luncheon I am making 15 floral centerpieces for.

I visited Trader Joe’s in St. Petersburg because they usually have a good assortment of hydrangeas, as well as tulips, roses and sunflowers.

I made two versions – one simple with tulips and eucalyptus, the other with hydrangeas and tulips. I’m pretty sure I know which one everyone likes best. 🙂

They were so pretty, I decided to set my table with them. I used a new lemon tablecloth from HomeGoods along with my green cabbage Bordallo Pinheiro plates,  which are made in Portugal.

The cabbage plates are surprisingly easy to use and go with summer, spring and Christmas settings.

I think it turned out very cheery!


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Finding pink peonies in South Florida

Living in Florida, we have a lot of gorgeous fauna and flora. However, there’s a lot we miss out on in not having four seasons and that includes some of the gorgeous flowers that Northerners enjoy in the spring and summer.

So when I saw these huge colorful peonies at the St. Petersburg Trader Joe’s, I gasped out loud.

I was there to look for blue hydrangeas and yellow tulips, so I had to stick to my budget and just get those. (You’ll see those in a another blogpost.)

I could just picture these with Limoges pink rose china, turquoise plates and a lace tablecloth. I’ll have to visit again soon.

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Travel into the past with luxurious Disney Yacht Club Resort

As a native Floridian, I must have visited Disney parks more than 200 times in the past 25+ years. But every time I return I seem to forget how pretty they can be. They are known for perfection, attention to detail, creativity and strangely enough – cleanliness. All of that combined makes life quite perfect when you are visiting.

Of the many hotels I’ve stayed at over the years, I had never stayed at Disney Yacht Club Resort, but I’m so glad I had the chance to.

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Going to Pierce Street Market to show off vintage china

I’ve been writing my blog for several years, but just recently I decided I want to try my hand at renting china and decor for showers and parties.

I was excited to hear about Pierce Street Market, a new market that has only local and handmade items for sale. The location is breathtaking – on the water off Coachman Park in downtown Clearwater, FL.

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