Purple vintage glass plates pair perfectly with antique glass collection

Most collectors can remember their first collection. Perhaps it was stamps from your grandfather, paperweights, trains, or even something more quirky like rocks or bugs.

I’ve found it’s a distinct personality type – those that like to collect and those who don’t.

Sometimes the same circumstance that makes a collector, makes another person a non-collector. Both my parents and my husband’s parents lived through The Great Depression. My mother, who was just a little girl at the time, reacted by wanting to collect more and more, and had an appreciation of things  – clothes, antiques, dishes, ornaments – anything that money could buy and was worth something. My husband’s mother reacted by not collecting anything, not desiring to own much or be in debt, knowing or thinking that it may be taken away at any moment.

I inherited my mother’s love of collecting, and have collected many things over the years. One of my first was collections was at age 12 when I collected pretty paper napkins we received in restaurants during a trip through Europe. The napkins featured florals, imprinted pictures,  even lace edges, and they were different from anything I had seen in the States, so I made a folder of them and kept them for years.

Another one of my first collections was purple- or amethyst – glass. It started from my grandmother, whose favorite color was purple.  She had several decanters, glasses and bowls that I distinctly remember her using at Sunday dinners.

After she passed, the glasses were given to me, and I proudly use them, and remember her.

Here are the triangle shaped purple glasses with a clear square at the base. I haven’t been able to find the maker or the pattern as of yet, but perhaps a kind reader could tell me.

I love using her glasses and have several purple dish sets, including Spode and both the lilac and plum Fiestaware.  I just recently found this set of purple Arcoroc dishes – eight dinner plates and eight salad plates. I find it difficult to find purple and pink these days, so I was thrilled to discover these.

Here I’ve paired them with reproduction floral rose plates from the Albert and Victoria Museum. I bought them at Marshall’s, of all places.

The purple and silver plated-trimmed candlesticks are from Ralph Lauren and the two baskets are by Fenton.

What is it that you collect?

Yellow and blue florals set off summer green tablescape

I’ve been searching Pinterest for blue and yellow floral arrangements to find some pretty versions for an upcoming luncheon I am making 15 floral centerpieces for.

I visited Trader Joe’s in St. Petersburg because they usually have a good assortment of hydrangeas, as well as tulips, roses and sunflowers.

I made two versions – one simple with tulips and eucalyptus, the other with hydrangeas and tulips. I’m pretty sure I know which one everyone likes best. 🙂

They were so pretty, I decided to set my table with them. I used a new lemon tablecloth from HomeGoods along with my green cabbage Bordallo Pinheiro plates,  which are made in Portugal.

The cabbage plates are surprisingly easy to use and go with summer, spring and Christmas settings.

I think it turned out very cheery!


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July 4 Reprise: Table Ideas for the Holiday

One of my favorite things about working for a coupon company was writing this blog post for our company blog about setting a great table for Fourth of July. Sharing here…

Setting the Stage for Fourth of July

crate-barrel-vinca-dinnerwareThinking about how to decorate for the Fourth of the July holiday? One of the best ways to bring it all together is to put your attention right where the focus is – not just on the food, but right there on the table itself! Whether you’re decorating the patio table or dining room table, getting a little bit fancy can make a big splash and make your guests feel welcome.

It’s one of the easiest ways to set the tone and mood for your get together and makes everyone feel special. And you’ll be sure to get that, “Wow! Everything looks great!”

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Summer table in Florida starts with shells

In Florida, it’s summer. And that means, shells.

I’ve been starting to head out to the beach in the afternoon just to end the day, find treasures, chat with other beach-goers and watch the sunset.

In the past two years I’ve been visiting more beaches in Florida and really getting into shelling. Here, my giant vase of olives (middle), horse conchs (right),  jewel boxes (left), scallops (on platter) and whelks (on table).

(For more about identifying types of Florida shells, I Love Shelling is a great site.)

There are always shells on my patio – often times scattered across the table where I sort them after rinsing. So when I incorporate them into tablescapes, it’s because they are already there.


Here, I’ve added Cannonsburg cream basketweave dinner plates, Churchill salad plates,  glass bowls from Dansk.

My Butterfly Meadow Carved floats in the summer season

I was a lucky girl this past April when I randomly won an Instagram contest sponsored by Lenox, for four place settings of their newly-introduced Butterfly Meadow Carved to their everyday dinnerware line.  This is solid color pattern they’ve come out with after the popularity of their Butterfly Meadow pattern (here’s a photo of the tea set), which is white and richly decorated in pastel flowers and butterflies.

This latest Lenox pattern is available in aqua, white and grey. I thought it would be very “springy,” but here I have simply paired it with a paisley blue, grey and beige runner from Pottery Barn, and I think it has a very summer feel.

No telling what other combinations I will be able to create throughout the summer! Stay tuned!


Around the table tribute for Memorial Day

We enter this weekend remembering those who gave everything for us, families around the country will be gathering for parades, beach days, picnics and memorial services.  And so I decorate by setting the table in the colors of our country.

Using red Fiestaware and Franciscan blue and white dishes…

…My mom’s Jim Shore Uncle Sam and Polish pottery pitcher.

Some may think setting  the table with china for a summer holiday is a bit much, but the tradition comes from my mom always setting the table, no matter what the occasion, as long as the family was gathering around the table.

My family and I took some time to recall what soldiers had done for us in the past to keep our country free. Their sacrifices take my breath away.


A winning post from Lenox Butterfly Meadows

I have always loved Lenox. Ever since I flipped through the pages of Seventeen

magazine, when I was 15. I can distinctly remember the photo of the teddy bear with the silver spoon.

Lenox Holiday was my first grown up pattern in my 20s, after I was married.

For 30 years I’ve collected it and made many family memories around the table with it.

So when I stumbled over the Lenox giveaway contest on Instagram in March, of course I tagged and posted my Lenox tablescape.

Unbelievably, I won the contest!

You would have thought it was the second coming in my house.

I waited anxiously, wondering if this could really be true.

Lenox staff sent me emails that yes, my shipment was on its way.

It arrived in a huge brown box, which revealed four smaller beautifully branded boxes inside, imprinted with my beautiful aqua blue Lenox Butterfly Garden.

It was better than Christmas.

This couldn’t be happening to me! But it was.

I gently washed them, set out the tablecloth I had chosen, and set my four place settings.

Here they are.

I plan to use them in so many different ways throughout the spring and summer and look forward to all the possibilities!
Thank you Lenox! I still, Love Lenox.

Special tablescapes for a special charity luncheon

Plate Girl created 6 special tablescapes at the Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospital North Pinellas Guild luncheon and fashion show.

The special tables were created for sponsored guests to show extra thanks for their support.

Above, purple Spode dishes are used with purple and yellow toile tablecloth from Williams-Sonoma. Flowers are purple iris and yellow sunflowers. Six small rabbits from House of Hatten surround the flowers.

This one is called April in Paris, and features lilac Faience dishes Continue reading “Special tablescapes for a special charity luncheon”

My kitchen is filled with florals!

This is the day before the luncheon and fashion show: I just made a trip to Trader Joe’s in St. Petersburg, FL, where I purchased at least 20 bouquets of flowers!

What fun!

The best is that the purple irises were only 3.99!

Of course the roses were more, and it all adds up; but still! very good prices and I’m so happy with the selection they have. It’s difficult to find some of these varieties in Florida, especial mid and south Florida.

So today they are in buckets all over my kitchen, as well as my sink and my counter, and I’m loving it!

These roses will pair with these Czechoslavkian dishes.  These iris and sunflowers will partner with my lavender Spode dishes.

Purple and yellow makes Easter table memories

I just love the combination of purple and yellow for Easter. It seems I used to wear the combination a lot as a child in the 60s, and for some reason it always it just brings me back to my childhood.

This is one of my favorite combinations for a tablescape, and one that always gets great comments from friends and followers, and received the most compliments at the luncheon at the Safety Harbor Spa.

The combination of the purple Spode, matched with the toile of the Williams-Sonoma tablecloth – I think they are just made for each other!

I added small rabbits from House of Hatten to surround the florals, which are irises and sunflowers.

Have you made a tablescape in purple and yellow?