Fourth of July table uses red, white and blue transferware




When it’s time to celebrate the Fourth of July, most people think about all of the great food. I like to think about how I’m going to set the table.

For me, Fourth of July is sort of like Thanksgiving, lots of food, parades and family — fireworks instead of turkeys.

I normally use my white Johnson Brothers plates or red Fiestaware plates, but I found some pink Blue Willow this year so I wanted to try it, along with Blue Willow and other blue transferware.

In the past, I normally use a white damask tablecloth or a red quilt but this year I found a fun Ralph Lauren tablecloth at HomeGoods.

At first I used some metal “lace” chargers, but they didn’t show up enough, so I swapped them for some new straw ones from Ross.

I really like using the chunky goblets in red and blue, and the milk glass pitcher for the flowers.






This year I made two desserts — a blueberry pie and an American flag cake. I didn’t have the right pan so I only ended up with three red stripes. Sorry, colonies! But it still tasted good.

The homemade blueberry pie was my first ever. I used a recipe from and also used a Pillsbury pie crust. I know that’s cheating a bit, but I didn’t want the flour mess.

The pie tasted wonderful and I’m looking forward to making it again soon. Mr. Plate Girl is asking for it already.


Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

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