Make an easy Halloween tablescape with a witchy twist

I have always loved Halloween. As a child, I spent months ahead of time drawing pictures, planning my outfit, making crafts and picking music we would play for trick or treaters. But as the years have gone on, Halloween has gotten more scary and grim.

I do not do scary, so I like to celebrate the day with lots of pumpkins and black cats. And even those aren’t too scary. So when it’s time to set the table for Halloween, I go pretty traditional.  But guess what? Traditional doesn’t have to mean boring.

It’s easy to set a great table even using your every day white china and a simple white tablecloth. The key? Pops of colors.

I like this one because it’s not “too” Halloween; not too over-the-top scary, and not too much orange or purple.

I almost think of this as an elegant Halloween, with crystal wine glasses, silver and crystal candlesticks and even crystal decanters. If you don’t have crystal decanters, you can easily use recycled wine or liquor bottles. They are filled with candy corn, fake squishy eyeballs and green witch finger lollipops.

The plates are simply white — these are by Dansk.  Instead of using an orange or black tablecloth, this one is a white damask that I use often during the year.

For the centerpiece, hollow out a pumpkin. Be sure to put a plate underneath it (white or clear is best) in case the pumpkin starts to spoil. Then gather several vines from your yard or nearby park and then spray paint them black. Finally, add orange crysanthemums from the grocery store.

What makes this different and adds extra fun? Inexpensive fabric black witch hats. I found these new at Goodwill, which have large Halloween sections. When collapsed, the hats become perfect placemats.

The best thing is that guests can wear the hats a the dinner, AND take them home. Add small pumpkins at each guests’ place setting and a polka dot ribbon for extra color.

Your guests will be impressed!


Crystal decanters are filled with candy corn, “eyeballs” and green monster fingers.Dansk plates … and a glass of….eyeballs!

Black glass magnet bats by Ballard Design