Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe uses vintage glasses, silver platters for eclectic whimsy

St. Petersburg is known for a lot of different things – its art scene, breweries and eclectic local stores that line Central Avenue west of downtown. Here you’ll find vinyl shops, brocante markets, consignment stores and enough hipster hangouts to fit in your disco purse.

New to the restaurant/brewery scene is Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe. Owned by Amanda King and Pegan Foster, the shop opened six months ago in February 2017.

On first glance it’s a storefront, but inside you’ll find everything is vintage with an eclectic hand in everything. The furniture is all secondhand or re-purposed. What I love about this sandwich shop/bar/gathering spot, is co-owner Amanda King’s easy vintage vibe.

Silverplate and metal trays are different shapes and sizes.

Co-owner Amanda King talks to a customer about the specials of the day.
All the furniture is vintage too.




Book nooks are set askew for quirky interest.


Guests are now treated to mismatched champagne flutes, some etched with leaves, painted, swirled.


I had visited the Hawthorne bottle shop the week before for a party hosted by the Tampa Bay Times. And was impressed with the restaurants vintage glasses that they serve champagne out of. After talking to Amanda she let me come back to “play in her dishes.

Sandwiches are served delightfully on silver platters she’s picked up at shops.

Normally one would find these at a fussy tea shop, but it’s quite refreshing to find it here.

Combined with the worn, speckled terazzo floor,  which reminds me of old Florida as well as my home that I grew up in in Miami, the bottle shop has a vintage, lived-in feel.  

Instead of standard restaurant bar ware, King brings whimsy to the shop . “I’ve always done it personally (in my home),” she says. “I pick up what I liked at vintage shops. I might pop in and out of little shops on Central avenue, or my friend might pick them  up at estate sales,” she said.

The Millenials there seemed to like it. But I loved it! Enough to go back and ask them to bring out more of a selection so that I could take more photos.

A mixture of 80s pink swirl glass and pink Depression glass.



Cut crystal champagne coupes.

There are several beers to choose from and many were enjoying them on a weekday afternoon.

Several were coming in for sandwiches so I decided to try one as well. The sandwiches are named after music festivals. Mine was a croissant sandwich with prosciutto, brie cheese and apricot jam. Delicious!

Amanda King prepares a croissant sandwich.