Second area Earth Fare organic grocery store comes to Tampa Bay

Because of my relationship with Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was treated to a tour of Earth Fare Oldsmar and received a $25 gift card for my own use, as well as a $25 gift card for a blog reader. However, all opinions are my own.

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I was so excited to be able to check out the new Earth Fare, a specialty organic and natural foods grocery store, with the Tampa Bay Bloggers. The new store just opened in Oldsmar, which is really close to my home. I was happy to see that the store is really large and really glad to know that all of their products are non-GMO and free of any artificial colors. There is even a list of  150  ingredients that you will never see in their products. (List can be found on their website.) With so much news about what you eat causing cancer and other diseases, I’m really trying to watch what I eat.




The nice part is this is a shopping center that I frequent often for the Marshall’s,  AMC movie theater and Craft Street Kitchen restaurant that is extremely popular. There is also a Petsmart that’s going in the plaza.

On a recent Thursday night, several bloggers from Tampa Bay Bloggers were invited to a behind the scenes tour of the new store: The second store in Tampa Bay (the first one opened in Seminole almost a year ago), the seventh in Florida and the 43rd store in the United States. The store is 24,000 square feet and has a whopping 110 employees so far.  A nice little perk is a little inside seating area with 80 seats, along with wi-fi.

Right off,  the staff welcomed guests with  a tent outside, making sure we all signed up for our savings card, and handing out a free sturdy recyclable shopping bag.

The floors are polished concrete floors, which “eliminate the need for harsh chemicals to clean,” says Earth Fare.


Even better, I loved the specials they had: Pineapples, normally 2.99 were $.99. I bought two, as did almost everyone else judging by their carts. I went back again and bought two more within the week! The avocados from California were two for a dollar and  the strawberries were three dollars a pint.

The strawberries – from California – seemed a little bit more expensive than other places (two for $6). At first they look smaller and not as ripe, but I bought a pint to try.  I have to admit that I gobbled them up – They were very sweet and tasty and I would buy them again.

Another special I bought was the $5 cooked deli chicken. I was happy with that price, but even happier with the taste once I got it home. It was better than others I’ve tasted and also have to admit probably better than my own. (OK, definitely better.)

There are so many components to the store that set it apart. There’s a huge bulk goods section where you can bag your own beans, nuts, candies etc. It’s very extensive and I’m sure anyone can find Any thing they need.

There’s also a cool bulk liquid section where you can get your own cider, vinegar and even honey, with the cute honey bear containers.

The steaks were a great price and people were buying them up. The seafood looked really good. Although because they were busy, I didn’t buy any that night. The lobsters, although I am allergic, looked fantastic.

There are many cleaning products – including Earth Fare’s own line – that I would really like to check out. Cleaning products usually ‘get to me’ and make me a little loopy – Perhaps I’m just allergic to cleaning!

Heather spots the Community Advisory Board approved sign. 🙂




There is also a separate bakery section, as well as a deli section pizza area and very clean looking natural juice section.

Oldsmar kitchen – sandwiches and hot bar
Juice bar

Although I didn’t have a chance to investigate everything, and it was very busy the first two times that I went there. There are little surprises that are delightful, like an extensive and gorgeous cosmetics and soap line,  colorful baskets from other countries that you can use as a shopping bags, and a whole case of kombucha.

Nice selection of cosmetics and skin care – none use animal testing.

I’ve been waiting to return to stock up on more goodies. Just remember once you sign up for your membership card to bring it with you, as you need your card to get the special price, unlike some other stores.

The staff also treated us to a fun scavenger hunt, to highlight some of their interesting features. Also silly, I have to include those photos as well. Thanks to my partner Heather at

Oh – and now for the best part! Please be sure to enter for your chance to win your own gift card for $25 to try out Earth Fare yourself!

Click this link, and be sure to leave a comment here on my blog!

Thank you!!

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