Tampa’s Goody Goody Famous Hamburgers takes families back in time

Tampa Bay Bloggers had the best time enjoying Breakfast at Goody Goody Famous Hamburgers in Hyde Park Village –  tonight. Yes, I said “tonight.”

Goody Goody opened its doors for us to show us that Anytime is a good time to enjoy breakfast here at this iconic shop.

The restaurant has a charming history, in that owner Richard Gonzmart, owner of Colombia Restaurant Group, including the Colombia and Ulele, used to visit this burger shop with his mother when he was a young boy. She would take him when she had Woman’s Club meetings, and it was always dear to his heart.. When the restaurant fell into disrepair, Gonzmart took it upon himself to revitalize the corner jewel, which is located in the heart of Hyde Park.

You will fall in love with the black and white tile, the turn of the shiny silver stools and counters, and the retro chunky coffee mugs.

You will also love the the cafe con leche and coffee that they use from local makers, as well as their amazing line of pies.. As a bonus they have mimosas and bellinis – and if that’s not good enough, they are served in adorable tall stemless glasses! What can I say, pretty glasses and china makes me squeal!

The sweet potato pancakes with homemade syrup are amazing. They taste like Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And Grandma’s kitchen. All at the same time.  And I have never liked grits before tonight! We had the chance to meet the chef who told us his grandmother had taught him how to make them.

We had a wonderful night being treated to plate after plate of deliciousness, and being entertained by their public relations rep, Jeff Houck, who used to be the food editor at The Tampa Tribune. Jeff and the staff made the night extremely enjoyable. And they filled our arms with bags of leftover pie, menus and retro placemats, which we giddily took home to remember them by.

A burger place so memorable, you say? Yes! Because it’s not just burgers. I literally thought about our meal the whole night. And by Friday afternoon I was back there again with a girlfriend, eating sweet potato pancakes, grits and cafe con leche. You should do the same!

The staff made a personalized menu for us!


Mimosas and bellinis! And aren’t these glasses adorable!?
These sweet potato pancakes. Apparently Richard Gonzmart has a thing about stacked pancakes. He doesn’t like them. So they just make one BIG one. Works for me!
I never liked grits. Until today.
Cafe con leche – heaven
They spoiled us with our choice of pies.
The menu.
If you know this song, you will be singing it!
Bloggers Gina and Denise
Home fries with bacon, cheese and scallions. Delish!


Retro menu