The Tervis Experience offers a chance to make your own tumbler

As a member of Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was invited to The Tervis Experience launch event. Guests, including myself, received their own free Tervis mug, along with a Tervis-branded tumbler and a Tervis bag. All opinions are my own.

Can you remember your first Tervis tumbler?

I sure do. I bought four of them during a vacation to Naples, FL, 25 years ago: a conch shell,  sand dollar, beach chair and a sailfish. I was so proud of them. I thought I had arrived.

Everyone loves Tervis. And why not? They keep our drinks cold – or hot – and they look pretty at the same time. In its 70+ history,  Tervis has had more than 10,000 designs on their tumblers. Something for everyone, for sure.


The company was founded in 1946 in Detroit by Mr. Cotter and Mr. Davis, who used the last three letters of their names to create “Tervis.” The company was soon bought by a Florida family where those tumblers could really be put to the test in the sunny weather. The company still offers a lifetime guarantee.

Tervis — based in North Venice, FL — has 14 stores throughout Florida and dozens more sprinkled throughout the states. As of this weekend they are  offering “The Tervis Experience,” which allows guests to Make Their Own Tervis Tumbler.

On Thursday, media and bloggers were invited to the Osprey store and factory outlet to test the new mechanism and production room. As a member of Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was invited, too. Ten designs in both 16 and 24 oz. tumblers are available, along with several embroidered decals. Guests can sit at tables and design or write anything they want with Sharpie pens.

It was so hard to decide!

After watching others bravely make their move, it was time for me to make mine. I chose a happy floral pattern, along with a floral decal and wrote my blog name: Plate Girl.

Several Tervis employees were there to help us, along with the president Rogan Donelly, who is also grandson of one of the founders. Donelly welcomed us to the store and told us he had grown up there, including doing an internship there, where his first job was gathering up all the sparkle confetti to put in the tumblers.

They don’t make that one any more, but they have since added wine glasses, water bottles, sippy cups, child sizes, ice buckets and aluminum tumblers.

There are so many pretty ones to choose from in the regular retail area, and literally there is something for everyone, including Disney, pets, hobbies, Game of Thrones, Batman, and an entire room filled with college and professional sports teams.

Partial view of the sports room.
Aluminum tumblers in two sizes. I’m a Hurricane so I gravitated toward these. Besides we have too many Gator Tervis tumblers in the house right now!
Tumblers come in an array of sizes. I bought the one on the far right!
University of Florida and University of Miami tumblers.


The room also contained several original and early Tervis cups, along with a history of Tervis.

Guests, including myself, received their own free Tervis mug, along with a Tervis-branded tumbler and a Tervis bag.

The Experience would make a fun keepsake for holidays, birthdays, weddings, team building and girls’ nights out. Cost is the price of your tumbler, plus $5 for the extras and TLC  from the staff.

Guests discuss designs with the Kim from the public relations company.

Sharpies await me to draw my design.

There are many embroidered decals to choose from.

Guests place a “Made by Me’ sticker on the bottom of the tumbler.

The final results! I love it!




Time to choose a color coordinated lid.





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    1. You would love it and be proud of it! We should ask Denise if we should all take a trip down there together! 🙂

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