This is Haven: Try this sophisticated, delicious Tampa restaurant

Due to my relationship with Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was treated to a three course meal with wine and cocktails at Haven Tampa. All opinions are my own.

When I heard the news Tampa Bay Bloggers was going to Haven, located next to and owned by the famous Bern’s steakhouse, I about fell off my chair with excitement.







Living on the “other” side of the bay,  I don’t get to Tampa restaurants as frequently as I do, or should.

Haven was known for years as SideBerns – clever twist being next to Bern’s literally. Having had the Bern’s experience, I guess I figured I didn’t need a Sidebern’s experience as well.

But This is Different. This is Haven.

In fact, that’s even their hashtag, which is pretty darn clever.

There is only valet parking here on this small lot, but don’t let that get to you.

With a small outside seating outside, entering the restaurant does make you feel like you’ve entered a haven. Dark, cool, well appointed, this is no chain.


  • Three rows of impeccably set tables awaited the bloggers – decked out with several gleaming wine glasses, and wait staff pouring toasts of champagnes. I can appreciate a well-set table.
    A server works diligently to open champagne for toasts for all of us.
    Our special drink list for the night.

    Brooke, along with managers and chef, welcome the bloggers to the tasting.


These gorgeous drinks were delicious.


Tonight was also the two-year anniversary of Tampa Bay Bloggers, so the restaurant generously included a champagne toast, as the manager, chef and PR rep led the toast.

We were greeted with full meat and cheese trays laid out on the table: the meat on a round wooden palate, the cheese with 18 perfect divets. A corresponding card (like a box of chocolates) let us know the mild to strong cheeses, which included cheeses from all over the world.

We needed a “cheat sheet” to identify all of the cheeses we sampled. Amazing!
The meat tray was generous and delicious.


We also had the opportunity to taste both a white and red wine pairing with the cheese and meats.

We sampled both a white and red.


The restaurant is also across the street from the Epicurean. Known for its restaurants, pool top bar and kitchen theatre, it is a must do for foodies visiting Tampa.

The tuna was mouth watering.